1. Cowboy and the Stranger
    Terry Allen

  2. Pedal Steal + Four Corners
    Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band

  3. True North
    Michael Chapman

  4. Too Bad
    Nap Eyes

  5. Collaboration Session #3
    The Weather Station & Jennifer Castle

  6. Plainly Mistaken
    Nathan Bowles

  7. Angels of Death
    Jennifer Castle

  8. Bellowing Sun
    Mind Over Mirrors

  9. I'm Bad Now
    Nap Eyes

  10. Broken Stay Open Sky
    Red River Dialect

  11. Out of Range
    Gun Outfit

  12. The Weather Station
    The Weather Station

  13. Wintres Woma
    James Elkington

  14. Untitled ("Beargrass Song" + 2 EP)
    Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Nathan Salsburg

  15. What in the Natural World
    Jake Xerxes Fussell

  16. Undying Color
    Mind Over Mirrors

  17. By the Rain
    Promised Land Sound

  18. 50
    Michael Chapman

  19. Lubbock (on everything)
    Terry Allen

  20. Open To Chance

  21. Whole & Cloven
    Nathan Bowles

  22. Out of the Shades (ON SALE!)
    Mike Cooper and Derek Hall

  23. Juarez
    Terry Allen

  24. Thought Rock Fish Scale
    Nap Eyes

  25. Dream All Over
    Gun Outfit

  26. For Use and Delight
    Promised Land Sound

  27. Ambsace
    James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg

  28. Whine of the Mystic
    Nap Eyes

  29. Crossroads
    Kenny Knight

  30. Loyalty
    The Weather Station

  31. Jake Xerxes Fussell
    Jake Xerxes Fussell

  32. Nansemond
    Nathan Bowles

  33. Way Out Weather
    Steve Gunn

  34. Places I Know/The Machine Gun Co. with Mike Cooper (ON SALE!)
    Mike Cooper

  35. Trout Steel (ON SALE!)
    Mike Cooper

  36. Lavender Country
    Lavender Country

  37. Bad Debt
    Hiss Golden Messenger

  38. Solar Motel
    Chris Forsyth

  39. Promised Land Sound
    Promised Land Sound

  40. In Search

  41. Time Off
    Steve Gunn

  42. Haw
    Hiss Golden Messenger

  43. Over There ... and Over Here (ON SALE!)
    The Red Rippers

  44. Hiss Golden Messenger Plays Elephant Micah Plays Hiss Golden Messenger
    Hiss Golden Messenger and Elephant Micah

  45. Plant and See
    Plant and See

  46. Poor Moon
    Hiss Golden Messenger

  47. Said I Had a Vision: Songs & Labels of David Lee, 1960-1988
    Various Artists

  48. Tobacco A-Go-Go: North Carolina Rock 'n' Roll in the Sixties, Volume 1
    Various Artists


Paradise of Bachelors Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Paradise of Bachelors is a Record Label, Soundsystem, and Archive located in the North Carolina Piedmont and in the subluminal aether. We are dedicated to documenting, curating, and releasing under-recognized musics of the American vernacular, with an emphasis on the South, broadly defined.

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Carrboro, NC 27510
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